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Woman With Altitude - feature doc

Production Company: Almond Tree Productions, UK

Dir. Elise Wortley, Emily Almond Barr & Lucy McCallum

Edit: Lucy McCallum

One Woman. One legendary journey. Zero modern equipment

In Post-production

The Edge Of Eternity - mood board

Production Company: Third Ray Productions

Dir. & Edit: Lucy McCallum

Art direction: Verity Kimpton

A portrait of the artist Petrus Spronk

In Pre-production

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 12.54.24

Madjedbebe Excavation - Educational documentary series

Production Company: Community Prophets

Dir. David Vadiveloo in collaboration with the Miraar people

Edit: Lucy McCallum & Rachael Thompson

A twelve-part series looking at the science and cultural significance of the world-famous Madjedbebe archaeological dig, that uncovered Aboriginal artifacts dating back 65,000 years. 

In Post-Production for release in Australian Schools in 2021 

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